This site searches publicly available WHOIS information, both current and past, from a targeted roster of web sites which store such records.

Do you want to know how many people on your street or in your town have registered domain names? Try typing in your street name or apartment building address and see what comes up.

This search engine can only point you to what’s out there. Many domain name owners pay a fee to keep their WHOIS records private, so you would not find information on those domain names here.

Sites which harvest WHOIS data from domain name registrars are far from comprehensive in their collections.

This search is limited to 10 pages of results, so the more specific your search the more likely you are to find something. Try searching by individual street address or by shorter streets.

Street addresses are subject to a wide variety of vagaries. A search for “123 South Main Street” will turn up different results than “123 S. Main St.”